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Services Overview

Pressfair is an online portal to all types of printed publications such as Newspapers, Magazines, Books and Classifieds that are looking into expanding their web presence or making a new start in the ever evolving era of digital publishing.

A Web-Centric Future

With great innovations in web technologies from devices and applications, the internet is defining new ways and habits for us as individuals in regards of socializing, learning and shopping. Hence an “e-“ will be appended to most of our daily activities for example reading an e-Newspaper or watching e-Television in the near future.

Given this fact, Pressfair emerged to satisfy the needs of publishers who are looking to go online or to keep up with the fast paced evolving web in standards and features.

Our Solutions


Free directory listing of publications aiding their publishers in better presenting / identifying their publications to web users while acquiring more targeted traffic to their websites and constructing link popularity in the anticipation of getting a better page rank in return. click here to find out more.


Free and dedicated hosting plans for publications within an online viewer that turns the publication’s static pages into an online interactive experience for readers. Pressfair viewer guarantees speed, friendly user interface and definitely increasing the readership base of hosted publication. click here to find out more.

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