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-Viewer hosting plans

If you have your publication in PDF or Indesign document formats then you can get hosted with Pressfair for as low as “Free”. Find out more about our hosting plans in the table below.

Publication hosting pricelist on yearly basis

dedicated hosting for daily publications free hosting for daily publications dedicated hosting for weekly publications free hosting for weekly publications dedicated hosting for monthly publications free hosting for monthly publications
1 year accessible archive
pressfair services*1
Ad Repository*2
Page/Country restriction*3

Price 6000$ usd NA 800$ usd NA 200$ usd NA
Additional 1 year archive 1000$ usd 1000$ usd 150$ usd 150$ usd 50$ usd 50$ usd
Custom page hosting*4 12$ usd 12$ usd 12$ usd 12$ usd 12$ usd 12$ usd
excluding value added tax

Pressfair services are restricted to what is offered by Pressfair's i-Viewer features and any required custom modifications can be listed on Pressfair's wishlist or purchased from Berysoft by contacting us.

Pressfair has the right of ad placement in case of free hosted publications whereas dedicated hosting provides publishers with an Ad placement administration panel.

All free hosted publications have the option of restricting their content pages from being displayed in 2 countries of their choice whereas dedicated hosting does not place any restriction on the number of countries to block.

Pressfair offers the ability to host your static content like about us, info, etc pages within the viewer for a very low yearly fee. dedicated hosted publications receive 2 free of charge complimentary custom page hosting.

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